Week 4 Results

What up, guys!  Week 4 is now history.  What a completely crappy week for your fantasy football all-stars!

Week 4 Results

  • Bao takes home the trophy this week with the balanced attack of his sunshiners.  All of his offensive players were in double digits and he squeaked out enough points on Monday Night Football to secure the victory.
  • As a whole, scoring was awful this week.  The average score for all the teams was less than 80 pts.
  • We still have two winless teams in the league.  Art’s Gas Passers continue to be the Buffalo Bills of the league, averaging less than 70 pts a week.  Dat’s PU Rackers continue to be the hard luck team of the week, with another team scoring over 100 pts against him.

Week 5 Notes

  • Watch that injury report.  Some big names went down with some big injuries last week:  Cutler, Vick, McFadden, Johnson
  • Remember you get 4 transactions a week.  Some of you guys haven’t even touched the waiver wire.
  • Teams with Byes this week:  Miami, New England, Pittsburgh, Seattle
  • Buffalo is the worst team in the NFL.  No doubt about that.

Winner’s Circle

  • Bao $30 (Week 1, 4)
  • Joe $30 (Week 2, 3)

Good luck in Week 5, bitches.

The Cummish

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Week 3 Results

Gents, week 3 is in the books, and the battle for the weekly high score was a head to head matchup between Joe's Fighting Game Cocks and Tuan's Da Gookenators. Going into the Monday Night Football game, Tuan was up by the slimmest of margins. But after Aaron Rodgers went off on the Bears, The Cocks prevailed. 
Some observations from Week 3 and Week 4:
- The power running backs are doing much better than the finesse backs. A lot of first round picks aren't living up to potential right now. 
- Quarterbacks have a much higher value than any other position right now. Even unproven QBs like Kyle Orton and Josh Freeman are scoring higher than half of the first round picks in this year's draft. 
- Dat seems to be the hard luck manager of this year. Whenever someone plays against him, they average 109 pts. Conversely, when someone matches against Peter, they only average 57 pts. Good defense, Peter. 
- Bye Weeks begin this week. Plan wisely. There is a max of 4 player adds per week. 
- I have all but two manager dues. I have dispersed my collections department to the nonpaying managers houses. 
Winners circle:
Bao $15 (Week 1)
Joe $30 (Week 2,3)
Good luck, bitches. 
The Cummish
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Week 2 Results

Gentlemen, week 2 is in the books and what an incredible finish!  The Monday epic clash between the 49ers and the Saints decided everything. 
Going into the game, Joe's Cocks had the slight lead at 101.90 pts. With no players going in the MNF game, all he could do was watch. 
Kevin's FootLongs needed a big game from Frank Gore and he got it. With a delayed trap draw late in the game, Gore scored his second TD of the game and brought his score up to 100.40 pts. Close but just short by the tip of the football.  
Next, we had Peter's Dragons. With Michael Crabtree and the NO Defense playing, the opportunity to take the victory was in plain sight. Crabtree had a minimal role in the offense, but the NO Defense was playing great defense. Already forcing 2 interceptions and 2 fumbles, the Dragons needed NO Defense to hold the 49ers to 20 pts or less. With the Saints up 22-14, the 49ers needed to march down the field with a little over 2 minutes left. Score a TD, and they would have to go for thr 2 pt conversion to tie the game. The 49ers drove downfield and immediately scored a TD. They go for 2 and the defense stops them!  Peter wins for the week. BUT WAIT!  The officials review the play and overturn it - 2 pt conversion is good!  49ers score 22 pts.
Joe wins the week barely over Peter by a score of 101.90 - 101.78. The slimmest margin of victory in Pink Taco history!
Stats of the week
The top two scorers of Week 1 were the bottom two scorers of Week 2. Remember guys, this is a long season and every point will count. 
Week 3 Game of the Century
Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans - Early lines have the Texans as a 3 point favorite at home. Everyone in Texas will be watching this game. Viewing party at Bao's house!  (Wait, no, not really). Prediction:  Texans 31 Cowboys 27
Dues Reminder
I have received half of the teams dues. Please send out payment as soon as possible. I do not wish to crack skulls. 
The Cummish
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Week One in the Books

Gentlemen, week one of the football season is in the books.

The balanced attack of Dr. Bao Thai has claimed the prize for the first week.  With the exception of his kicker, everyone on the sunshiners scored in double figures.  This is a huge reversal of fortune, Bao didn’t win a single week last season.  Bao was trailing Tommy’s AggieXXX going into Monday night’s action, but his Jet’s defense was good enough in the loss to propel him to victory.

Around the league there were a lot of surprises the first week.  11 of the top 16 picks in this year’s fantasy draft didn’t score a touchdown.  I’m sure a lot of us are looking for potential trades after first week jitters.  Only 4 of the top 16 fantasy scorers throughout the league were either on the bench or were free agents for this week’s action.  Before this weekend, there were only 3 free agent pickups on teh waiver wire. I expect to see a lot of movement this upcoming week.

I have received league dues from Dat. (Thanks again for not giving that to me at the strip club)

The Cummish

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Week 1 Matchups – Unchartered Territory

Fantasy football is here.  Week 1 is always the feeling out process for your teams.  Watch that waiver wire and free agent tracker, for the next great sleeper pickup.

The matchups for the week are set.  Here’s a rundown of the opponents:

AggieXXX (Tommy) vs Gas Passers (Art) Yahoo picks AggieXXX to win 96.73 – 85.79

With a two headed monster of Peyton Manning (at HOU) and Chris Johnson (at OAK), looks like Tommy may be headed for the high score of the week.  But this is why we play the games.

Fighting Game Cocks (Joe) vs Xx P108 xX (Peter) Yahoo picks Xx P108 xX to win 82.61 – 81.32

This looks like the ugly game of the week.  Peter’s hopes rely on the explosive trio of DeSean Jackson, Michael Crabtree and rookie Ryan Mathews.  Joe’s only hopes are on the arm of Aaron Rodgers and legs of Adrian Peterson.  This one should be close.

sunshiners (Bao) vs PU Rackers (Dat) Yahoo picks sunshiners to win 95.86 – 86.83

This is the ultimate grudge match to start the season.  The trash talk should be hot and untamed by game time.   Bao’s studly combo of Tom Brady and Maurice Jones-Drew look to annihilate Dat’s one-man wrecking crew of Drew Brees.  I say winner buys drinks.

Da Gookenator (Tuan) vs FavreDollar FootLong (Kevin) Yahoo picks FavreDollar FootLong to win 88.01 – 71.1

This one is personal.  Brother vs Brother.  Kevin’s namesake QB will take Minnesota into NO on Thursday night and we’ll know a lot about this season.  Tuan’s so unphased by this matchup that he doesn’t even have a kicker on the roster.

Some interesting actual football betting lines for this weekend:

  • In half of the games, the road teams are favorites.
  • Giants, Bears, and Titans are touchdown favorites in their games.
  • The games of the week are:  Thursday night Saints vs Vikings; Sunday morning Colts vs Texans and Bengals vs Patriots; Sunday night Jets vs Ravens

And in case you missed it, this was the best sack of the week in college football.

Supamanned dat ho……YOUUUUUUUUU!

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League Payouts

We need to decide how we would like to have the league’s payouts.  There is a total of $400 to be split.  The regular season is 13 weeks and the playoffs are three weeks to determine the champion.

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All Slots are Full!

Boys, the game is on!  All slots are full for the league.

The returning champ and runner-up are back to talk their smack.  This year we will welcome in Art and Tuan’s bro, Kevin.  Kevin, this league is fun, we like to talk shit and dish out the pain.  Get your feet wet and enjoy the ride.

So we have the usual suspects and with the stakes higher this year, I foresee some intense matchups this year.

On a side note, if anyone picks up David Carr, I’ll buy you a drink.

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